"With a style that is both eclectic and signature, Graham Alexander's life has been dedicated to performing, composing and producing music from an early age. Graham's upbringing brought him an incredibly diverse palette of pop artists from Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra and American folk music of the early 20th century, to Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and 2Pac Shakur. Born in severely depressed post-industrial Camden, N.J., Graham's first guitar was picked from the garbage on account of not being able to afford one on his own. From that point, he and music of every kind became inseparable....

Having grown up with the birth and progression of the internet (and the vast media availability it granted the world), Graham never saw music as something that needed to be genre-based. As a songwriter, he prefers the freedom of writing what strikes his mind as interesting at the moment rather than adhering to a trend. This fearless and rebellious attitude towards genre bending pushed him to produce and self release his first album in 2011 to rave reviews (quickly becoming a cult classic). Critics and fans alike lauded the album for its neo-retro sensibility coupling irresistibly catchy songs with organic and incredibly detailed production. Spotify's top 100 songs chosen by fans playlist even included the first single from the album "Biggest Fan" at #6 in its 2011 list. Shortly after, Graham Alexander with his band toured in support of the album, building the Graham Alexander brand one set of ears at a time.

Graham's passion for performance was nurtured by his work on Broadway as an actor, musician, and musical director in various productions at the Neil Simon, Brooks Atkinson, and St James theaters in New York City in 2010, 2011, and once more in 2013.  It was during his tenure in New York Cities' Broadway circuit that he began work on his sophomore album, Repeat Deceiver.

In 2012, after declining two major music companies the right to sign his debut release to their labels, Graham became intent on reinventing the music industry for himself and other artists he produced at his recording facilities. Around that same time, he sought to form his own record company and label to  release and promote his sophomore follow-up album, Repeat Deceiver. After selling virtually everything he owned, Graham purchased the legendary music industry brand portfolio of Victor Talking Machine Co. (Victor, Victrola, Camden, His Master's Voice, Little Nipper, Red Seal) - and reformed Victor Music Group in its original home in the Camden, NJ area. Soon after in 2014, Graham released his sophomore offering, Repeat Deceiver, to wide critical acclaim through Victor Records.

In 2015, Graham Alexander wrote and recorded several original pop songs for projects in the Marvel & Disney universes including the Guardians Of The Galaxy series at Victor's facilities.

Graham Alexander & Co. launched Victor Records' new showroom and headquarters, The Vault Of Victor Records, by coinciding the grand opening with a new single release from his Repeat Deceiver LP. The label headquarters contain the label offices, historic archives, and a live music venue in the Greater Philadelphia area. Press and touring from the Repeat Deceiver LP continued and In January of 2016, Graham was named SJ Magazine's Person to Watch.

Through 2016 and 2017, Graham launched two new divisions of Victor for manufacturing of home audio (turntables, bluetooth speakers, headphones, microphones), and record pressing of Victor's various labels. The new facilities for the company were shown off during a 30 minute television special for PBS titled "ON TOUR WITH GRAHAM ALEXANDER". The show featured Graham Alexander and Co. (his band) performing selections from both of his albums - as well as the story of his career thus far in a concert/documentary style.

Graham's vision for his own music and for the industry itself includes creating an infrastructure for all infrastructure built on the 'hardware and software' of music - one in which a music company is also a manufacturer and thus has the ability to take chances on recording and promoting music. This system once thrived in the development and promotion of middle and working class musicians between 1896 and 2000. This infrastructure and thus the development system that gave us Dylan, Springsteen, The Beatles- has long since been forsaken for corporate profits. This system can return in the modern age - and Graham Alexander is as likely a candidate to usher in this change as any. By the virtue of his beautiful music - and the bold step of relaunching VICTOR, Graham appears poised to one day achieve what many have said was impossible; a future for both great music and music industry."