• Facts about Camden, NJ

    Camden, New Jersey- holds a special place in my heart….especially when it comes to music.

    Some facts you might not know about Camden, NJ

    1. The first true orchestra ever recorded- recorded in Camden, NJ
    2. The first true commercial recording studio- Camden, NJ
    3. The Carter Family, Woody Guthrie, Rachmaninoff, Duke Ellington, Gershwin, Bing Crosby, Jelly Roll Morton (among countless others) all recorded in Camden, NJ….the ancient rock stars.
    4. The first true “major label” - Victor Talking Machine Co……opened in 1901 on the Camden waterfront- soon expanded to plants all over the U.S (and even Japan…..ever hear of JVC (tvs, radios…etc.)? Japanese Victor Company…..started in Camden, NJ)
    5. The “disc” record- was perfected in Camden, NJ…..which also invented the 78rpm record- and 45 rpm record (but not the 33- oh well….2 outta 3 ain’t bad.)
    6. Camden was THE music city in the United States for a very long time- and after that its workers and developments put men on the moon, made just about every television network what it is today….(not to mention the TV…..)

    and i’ll end at 7 because that’s my lucky number- 

    7. I was born in Camden- I don’t know why it belongs here on this list of facts….but it felt like a nice way to end this list of random Camden music facts without going on and on and on….its a real mood killer really.

    Do you know anyone (or did any of your family) work at Victor Talking Machine Co., or Radio Corporation of America (RCA) in Camden?

  • My apologies to everyone…..

    My apologies to everyone…..

    I have been a terrible social media friend- here is why;

    The last year has been incredibly incredibly busy for Graham Alexander (thats me!) & Co…..

    we’ve been finishing up a few projects to get them ready for consumption….and personally its the largest and most fantastic thing I’ve ever been apart of.

    Things we are currently finishing up;

    *The all-new record (with 10 new songs)- on many formats.
    (a true labor of the love of music and songwriting…..hands down my favorite)
    *a new website
    *a new tour
    *all new promotional films (no telling what order things will come out in- but we wrapped shooting on a 7th promotional film this last week)
    *A new- er….old company (and associated legal hassles with said formation of such company)……We aren’t aiming to release *just* an album and tour to promote it….our aim is to create a new experience that allows us to create music and film- (be it for Graham Alexander & Co. or with other artists as well)…..that will be forever to the quality we’ve come to expect from ourselves- and that we hope you’d expect from us (and myself)………long story short…..the vision is to bring people back to adoring music- and in turn having those people help support the progression of music- which is one of the loves of our collective lives as humans.

    Hence my apology- BUT I think….you’ll be happy with what we’ve been up to….and I look forward to starting to release a lot more information- in the coming days, weeks, and months…..

    alive and with a passion from Camden, NJ

  • In retiring the last album (before the new one comes out…soon) we signed away our distribution in JAPAN to release this record……and so this is basically a video synopsis of the last 12 years of the band…for Japan…’s bizarre. But so am I. Watch it here:

    The album was released today…SO…Japanese friends and Japanese friends of friends can buy the album in Japan at タワーレコード / Tower Records Japan and HMV JAPAN (HMVジャパン)

    Anyone outside Japan can order it here: