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At once inspired, musically daring and melodically contagious, Alexander’s music is the sound of an old soul being distilled through a 21st-century pop blender.
- The Weekender. [Read More]
Alexander’s songs are without a doubt more fresh, hip and modern sounding without however loosing that ever-present nostalgic sounding touch. As for example on “Biggest Fan” which has an insistent backbeat and a cool electric piano going on, while Graham’s voice rockets through the arrangement with his unflappable verses and forceful chorus lines.
- Jamsphere. [Read More]
However easy it may be to dismiss him as retro-pop, Alexander does it all so well that he ends up infusing the sound with a new sense of warmth and honesty. And that's the most dangerous part about it.
- The Deli Magazine. [Read More]
Alexander The Great… There's something special about a 23-year-old with two first names who's already appeared in 150 shows on Broadway. Then again, that's Graham Alexander for you. The 23-year-old made heads nod and feet tap with his sizzling pop-rock single "Biggest Fan" off his self-titled debut EP released in December. The critically acclaimed song (ranked number six on Spotify's top tracks from 2011, selected by users) earned him multiple viral music videos…
- Dover Post, November 2012 [Read More]
Mixing original songs from his debut album "Graham Alexander" as well as various cover songs, Graham ROCKED the shop with his great music, high energy, and strong stage presence.
- Call Me Adam, November 2012 [Read More]
Hearing and seeing this command of a stage was how I imagined seeing Springsteen, James Brown, or McCartney performing in their formative years. I didn’t think people like this existed anymore! The songs spoke to me, the lyrics intelligent, the melodies infectious, and all the while ORIGINAL. This “kid” hadn't studied computers or beat machines. He was a stone cold rock n’ roller with truly original and classic songwriting sensibilities that they just don't have in music today.
- Review by Larry Russell, October 2012 [Read More]


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