"Alexander, a Philadelphia native, proves most charismatic, keeping his comments to a minimum and wowing with his sweet and uncomplicated vocals."
- NBC New York

"At once inspired, musically daring and melodically contagious, Alexander’s music is the sound of an old soul being distilled through a 21st-century pop blender." - The Weekender

"Obviously a showman...when Graham Alexander cuts loose, it's memorable." - Round Magazine

"The 23-year-old made heads nod and feet tap with his sizzling pop-rock single." - Dover Post

"He has a great flexible voice, multi-instrument skills, and is a remarkable songwriter." - The Serial Obsessive

"Alexander does it all so well that he ends up infusing the sound with a new sense of warmth and honesty. And that's the most dangerous part about it." - The Deli Magazine

"An enjoyably full-bodied sound; feverishly soulful vocals, exulting brass, and a bouncy rhythm section comprise an abruptly infectious introduction to Graham Alexander's sound." - Obscure Sound